Robust & Scalable
Robust and Scalable network core with multiple Tier 1 upstream providers to ensure highest uptime.

Strategically Placed points of presence
All our POP's are interconnected on redundant point to point links to ensure our wholesale voice customers get similar capacities across our POPs.

24 x 7 Multilingual support
Our NOC team proactively monitors QoS 24x7 across our directs to ensure highest completion rates by continues automated and manual testing

Our retail services are highly customisable from the word go, our technology team can customize reseller billing pages, end user CDR portals, add multiple standard checkout options and payment gateway integration. Additionally our soft phone team can change the look and feel of OTT dialers and add additional features like IM, video calling etc. based on customers requirement.

Wide Support
Customers who want to offer residential VoBB services can rely on our Class 5 Platform which is geographically redundant. Our platform supports all standard features like voicemail to email, find and follow calls, call forwarding, DnD to name a few. This platform also doubles up as an IPCentrex and for enterprises customers and supports voice conferencing.

Strategically Placed Points of Presence

3 POP Locations in UK

3 POP Locations in UK with Installed capacity of 35000 VoIP sessions, STM 4 TDM Connectivity and 2,000 Transcoding Sessions

1 POP Location in Singapore

1POP Location in Singapore with Installed capacity of 5,000 VoIP sessions

1 POP Location in US

1 POP Location in US with Installed capacity of 10,000 VoIP sessions STM 1 TDM Connectivity, 600 Transcoding Sessions and 30,000 tps SMPP sessions for SMS Transit

TSN has 50,000 Class 4, 5000 Class 5 sessions

Collectively TSN has 50,000 Class 4, 5000 Class 5 sessions with multiple redundancies and automatic failover across all POP's, these numbers can be rapidly scaled up based on business forecast